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What Would it Profit a Man to Gain the Whole World and Lose His Soul?

The Holy Ghost Takeover Outreach Ministry is very concerned about people that do not have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ as we here in America do. Stand with this ministry and support mission work in Africa. One of our most faithful friends have asked us to help in his mission work in Africa. This ministry alone cannot do as much for these fields so rich with souls, as we can do as a group. Let God speak to your heart about this harvest for souls in Africa.


Matthews 16:26 What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Mark 8: 37 says, Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? When you visit the webstore, remember to donate to Missions so that people that need the Gospel preached to them in foreign countries like Africa can be helped. We can have all the riches and all the success we can obtain in this life but in the end it is only what we do for Christ that will last.


You can go to our webstore and donate.  Stroll down until you see the Missions label in the webstore and donate. This ministry accepts all major credit cards. Paypal is also accepted. You can also send all donations to the following address:

Holy Ghost Takeover Outreach Ministry
P. O. Box 211933
Augusta, Ga. 30917

Thank you for your help in this worthwhile endeavor of making the world a better place for others less fortunate than ourselves.