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We can only give you a small portion of the messages on this site and on Youtube. You need to see the whole message with its wonderful musical guests. All full lenght messages are available in the webstore.

Below, take a peek at some of our older historic programs that are receiving rave reviews on You Tube. God is doing a mighty work. So tell a friend that Evangelist Mary McCracken is getting ready to unleash a new and more powerful Holy Ghost Takeover Show. We will be posting clips from the broadcast monthly. Below please see some comments about the show and  the ministry.

 The Lord is a Battle Axe 

DimentionsofStacey (2 months ago) Show Hide  
Praise God for the testimony's of those that have been saved through the broadcast. This ministry is known around the country, so you all are doing a wonderful job of spreading the good news. 
 Power in the Word.
sharpie2468 (4 days ago) Show Hide 
Come on healing hands! The Lawd knows I love the ministry of Evangelist. Oh what a bless bless blessing.
Surely the Lawd is my every, every, everything. God bless you Sister McCracken for your uplifting, joyful, sweeping ministry of encouragement!! God bless.
mrkidd317 (1 month ago) Show Hide
Wow... You are so annointed, please post more singing........Please!!
lovejones238 (3 weeks ago) Show Hide
God Bless You Evng. Mary McCracken. Always brings joy just to see & hear you as you move as God leads You. This is shoutin John from LTHC we were members @ the same church for some time. I miss those days.

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